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Atticgo | About Us

Welcome to our blog A World of Rugs by Atticgo.

We’re opening this new window where we’ll tell you about the latest fashions in rugs, tips for cleaning them, design and colour trends, home-decor ideas, the way rugs are made and plenty more things sure to interest you.

But before beginning all this, we wanted to tell you a little bit more about us, how this project began and the history behind Atticgo.

Atticgo bobbins thread looms rugs

While in one sense we could say that Atticgo started a century ago, that would not be entirely true. Exactly 100 years ago, in the town of Crevillent, in the Alicante province, something happened that was to become the start of our company – the very first looms began to weave the carpets and rugs that would mark the beginning of this whole adventure.

After a long journey of hard work and dedication, we have become leaders in the national market for manufacturing and selling rugs for homes. We have experienced many changes over the years – new premises, new looms, new techniques, new markets, new incorporations – but always with that uniqueness that we have gained from the experience and tradition of having been here since the beginning.

Atticgo rug looms

All this forms the “offline” foundation on which our "online" project was created. 

With all this experience behind us, Atticgo was formed to be more than an online rug store. Our goal is to be your go-to brand when you need to ind the perfect rug to furnish your home. With no intermediaries, directly from our looms and warehouses to your home, offering you a World of Rugs to choose from.

See you soon with plenty of new additions!

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